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The Health Care Cube makes health care easy + digestible! 

Here at The Health Care Cube we crowdsource top healthcare expertise across the country and curate the info into videos and tools you can stream! Whether you are navigating a pregnancy, surgery, medication, or hospitalization, The Health Care Cube will tell you everything you need to know- on your own time and at your own pace + place. We not only answer your top questions but we give you the insider scoop you wouldn't even know to ask! With The Health Care Cube, we take away the stress and confusion of navigating the healthcare system and we help you lead a happy, healthy life.

Tell me more… 

What do you mean by “top healthcare expertise”? 

Do you know who the top healthcare experts are?? They are the people working on-the-ground every day within healthcare organizations across the U.S. They see the top issues folks face and they know the insider scoop on how to help you best navigate the complexities! And these aren’t just doctors- these are nurses, medical assistants, financial support, case management, social workers, health insurance professionals, physicians assistants, public health professionals, nutritionists, physical therapists, and more! The list goes on and on with the different types of healthcare experts who have expertise to share! 

How do you define “crowdsourcing”? 

Crowdsourcing means that we ask all of these healthcare experts to provide their expertise to The Health Care Cube on specific topics. We ask for their top tips and recommendations out in the field. We then review and curate the information to ensure its accuracy and applicability, and then curate the info down into simple videos and tools for you to stream. 

What kinds of topics do you cover?

We cover any and all healthcare situations that you may encounter across the lifespan for you and your loved ones. This includes things such as pregnancies, hospitalizations, surgeries, and more! But this is NOT about symptoms and diagnoses- this is about healthcare navigation from your point of view. This means helping you optimally navigate across the insurance and providers to help you get the best possible health outcome with the least amount of stress and confusion! 

What’s coming up soon with The Health Care Cube?

We are so excited about the launch of The Health Care Cube and we have some really exciting plans in the works! First we are going to start with topic areas that we know are really important for folks to know and have access to because they create really big impact. This includes things like pregnancy, opioid awareness, and end of life planning. Next in line is the creation of The Health Care Cube podcast so that you can get the insider scoop from top healthcare experts on the go! Stay tuned and be sure to subscribe for more details! 

More about your host Meghan Nechrebecki:

Meghan Nechrebecki is a healthcare administration expert who has been working for the past decade to improve the U.S. healthcare system for millions of Americans. Her passion to help people understand and navigate the U.S. healthcare system led to the creation of The Health Care Cube! By background, Meghan was both an internal and external consultant managing analytics and operations improvement at health systems across the U.S. She has worked across all sectors of health care, including health insurance, government, and startups. Meghan provides her expertise across many platforms, including online publications such as Thrive Global and Medical Economics, and on-camera appearances such as Good Morning LaLa Land, the Food Heals Podcast, and Business Rockstars. Meghan also moderates and speaks at conferences in addition to guest lecturing at universities across the country, including UCLA and UC-Berkeley. Meghan will also be giving a TedX talk this December on the future of health care! Meghan earned her Masters of Science in Public Health from Johns Hopkins, where she was inducted into the Delta Omega Alpha Honorary Society for graduating at the top of her class, and a Bachelor of Science dual-degree in Biochemistry and Spanish from the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she was a Hilldale Scholar in cancer research.

I wish all my coworkers could access The Health Care Cube!

They can! Tell all your coworkers about how much you love The Health Care Cube and use that “share” button next to your favorite videos to share it with them directly. You can also have your head of Benefits contact The Health Care Cube directly to see about getting a deal for all employees and their families!

I wish all my patients could access The Health Care Cube! 

They can! Tell all your patients about how much you love The Health Care Cube and use that “share” button next to your favorite videos to share it with them directly. You can contact The Health Care Cube directly to create a greater bond between our team and the work you do with your patients. Also, we often craft specific deals for entire practices and healthcare organizations. Many groups even ask us to create a curated Health Care Cube experience with customized content specific to their population. Contact us for more details! 

Wait a minute… I want to participate! How can I tell my healthcare story or provide my healthcare expertise? 

You can! Contact us with any information you would like to share. 

How can I stay up to date with the healthcare insider scoop as well as updates on The Health Care Cube?! 

Subscribe today and we will keep you in the loop on all the insider scoop!